Bachelor Of Magic

Turning awkwardness into confidence since 2006

"Lean gives a sharp upbeat performance, entertaining even those without the remotest interest in magic."
- Jennifer May: The Irish Times

"Excellent! Really Excellent!"
- Peter Florence, Director of The Hay Literary Festival

- Sir Terry Pratchett

"Your a genius!"
- Broadcaster Michael Burke

"Well done! Brilliant! I've no idea how you did that."
- Clive Anderson

"Your magic lifted our spirits, you have a lot of talent, and an ability to communicate beyond cultures."
- Julia Marton-Lefevre, Executive Director of LEAD International

"It was great"
- Magnus Linklater: The Times

"Owen Lean's close up magic is the most exciting thing I've ever experienced"
- Professor Dennis Kennedy, Editor of The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theater And Performance

"His theory and practice of magic demonstrates that rare combination of useful scholarship and quality entertainment."
- Dr. Matthew Causey, Senior Lecturer in Drama, TCD.

"Not since Noel Purcell sang 'Grafton Street is a wonderland with magic in the air' have Dubliners been so entranced."
- Kate Thomas: The Independent

"A kind of magic the hipsters adore"
- The London Paper

"I do not know how he does it. I know in my brain that it is a trick, but with my eyes it is for real. Do eyes deceive?"
- John Hegarty, Provost at Trinity College Dublin

"The world-reknowed street magician whose skill is matched only by his wit"
- Flay & Deville's Circus Of Marvels

"Literally pulling tricks out of thin air. He likes to add comedy to his shows."
- The Irish Star

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