Bachelor Of Magic

Turning awkwardness into confidence since 2006

Have you ever been at an event wishing someone would help break the ice?
Do you want to help overcome your inhibitions and be more confident and outgoing?
Are you organising a festival, and want your audience to feel inspired, amazed and in fits of laughter?

Owen Lean, The Bachelor Of Magic, has been doing all of this ever since he graduated in 2006 with the worlds first degree in street magic.

Yes. You read that right.

When Owen received his degree he made the front page of the Irish Times, and several other national newspapers. A year later his house burned down and he lost everything he owned, but he refused to let that hold him back.
Ever since he has traveled the planet, performing his unique miracles, taking away peoples fears and "Entertaining those without even the remotest interest in magic" - The Irish Times.

From just one person in a teaching environment, to thousands of people at an festival at event. Owen turns awkwardness into confidence with magic, british wit and "an ability to communicate beyond cultures." - LEAD International.

For more information, check out the corporate, press, and clients pages. To see the show in action please check out Owen's promotional video to the left.